Bouldering and Orienteering

6-7 oct 2007


report - Federica Friz

It's all about enjoying the fontainebleau forest as much as possible before the weather gets wintery! Bouldering and Orienteering.

Bouldering on Saturday with 20 degrees is just beautiful.

Bouldering: the sport of climbing on big stones was born here in France in the 80's and just walking around the forest you realise why! There's simply hundreds of rocks of different levels of difficulty to climb upon. And believe me, 3 or 4 metres of climb can be much tougher that you would imagine!

Sunday the Insead Adventure Racing was competing in its second orienteering race: 8kms air distance all in the forest with not more than 300m on a path. As usual the challenge with the map and the compass looking for chek points kept us busy for a couple of hours.



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