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World Cup Youth Adventure Race – 2014 07 28 – 08 02

logo-raid-youthHai tra i 15 e i 18 anni? Vuoi partecipare al mondiale ragazzi di raid avventura 2014? Sei in grado di pagaiare in kayak, pedalare in mountainbike, camminare in montagna, correre su sentieri, orientarti con una cartina, salire in arrampicata, nuotare, scendere in canyoning, affrontare una via ferrata, fare speleo?

Allora è la gara per te, leggi qui di seguito!

Se sei interessato a partecipare GRATUITAMENTE, scrivi a fgk.friz chiocciola libero.it

L’Italia può partecipare con un’iscrizione gratuita per una squadra (per un valore di 1000 euro!!!).

Confermate ad oggi (26 feb 2014) squadre provenienti da: Canada, New Zealand, Spain, Czech Republic, England, Denmark.

In caso di numerose richieste per partecipare gratuitamente, saranno previste alcune selezioni (prove fisiche e motivazionali).


July 28th to August 2nd, 2014 in the Hautes Alpes, France

The World Cup is an international outdoor multi-sport event by teams of 2 oriented towards the competition and performance for 15/18 year olds.

60 teams de 2 racers maximum

For each age category, the teams can be composed of 2 boys, 2 girls, or mixed.


For whom is this World Cup?

The World Cup is for adolescents between 15 and 18 years old (must be 15 before the 1st day of the competition and less than 18 on the last day).

3 categories and 3 titles are attributed for the World Cup: boys teams, girls teams, and mixed teams.

The title cannot be attributed if there are less than 5 teams in that category.




Number of teams per nation

Each nation can register a maximum of 4 teams in the World Cup. If more than four teams from the same nation register for the World Cup, the prologue on July 28th serves as a selection.  The first four teams from a nation participate in the World Cup, the others participate in the International Junior Adventure race.

How to participate in the World Cup?

Imposed Requirements

  • Able to run at least 2900 meters in 12 minutes on flat ground for boys and 2600 meters for girls.
  • Know how to orienteer, able to orient with a map, read and follow an imposed course on roads and paths.  The scale is 25000 and a specific orienteering race uses 20000.
  • Know how to swim at least 20 minutes without stopping.
  • Know how to mountain bike on paths and single tracks that can be challenging but not technically difficult. It is possible that there are 30 kilometers to bike in the same day.
  • It is strongly recommended to bring your own mountain bike in working condition.
  • If it is not possible, the organization will supply a bike (average model)
  • Trail: the trail sections are in mountainous area.  The provisional schedule gives an idea of distances and course profile.
  • It is recommended but not required to have some climbing experience.  Know how to put on a harness, assure a teammate, belay, knowing how to rappel will be more competitive.

These qualifications are not verified by the organizer, but must be certified by the Delegation Head.

Provisional schedule

Day N°1 : 13 km of Kayak on calm water + 10km trail run with 250m  positive terrain elevation + a time limit will be imposed and then there are one or two more sections (possibly mountain biking).

Day N°2: Trail of about 10km and 1000m of positive elevation + mountain biking (course not yet finalized) + Canyoning (not timed) + mountain biking (course not yet finalized)

DayN°3: Mountain biking about 15 km and 300m positive elevation + Trail 7km and 1100m positive elevation +  7 km link on mountain bike and 100m positive elevation

Day N° 4 and N°5 not yet finalized: activities Rappels + via ferrata + climbing + speleology + mountain biking = Trail

There is a limit of 8 hours of physical efforts a day.

The organization can decide to shorten or lengthen the race course in function of the racers’ state of fatigue.

This information will be modified and /or completed once the scouting is finalized and the course is validated by the international organization committee.

PER ULTERIORI INFORMAZIONI: http://junioraventure.com/ben/adventure-race-youth-world-cup/

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